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08 September 2012

Prosun Azad - Lux Channel i Superstar 2012

Prosun Azad (প্রুসন আজাদ) in sharee
Prosun Azad (প্রুসন আজাদ) is the 1st runner-up of Lux Channel i Superstar 2012. Many people thought Prosun Azad will become this year champion of Lux Channel i Superstar. But she could not defeat Samia Sayeed and become the first runner-up. Prosun Azad has a very cute face and we hope one day she will become
a great artist in Bangladeshi media.

Prosun Azad (প্রুসন আজাদ) the black beauti

Prosun Azad (প্রুসন আজাদ)

Prosun Azad (প্রুসন আজাদ) Performing

Prosun Azad (প্রুসন আজাদ) in red sharee

Prosun Azad (প্রুসন আজাদ)

Prosun Azad (প্রুসন আজাদ)

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